Football Season's Economic Impact on KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo.  — Football season is finally here, and businesses in Kansas City are getting ready for the flood of fans.

“They are ready to go — head to toe, hat to socks,” said Lindsey Shirk, Rally House store manager at the Power & Light District location.

Chiefs fans like Terron Ray are gearing up for the season.

"Man, the Chiefs are keeping their fire going,” he said. “These places are blowing up right now. Everyone wants the Chiefs' merch.”

Inside Rally House lies a sea of jerseys, t-shirts and hats.

“It’s great for our business. It brings a lot of good people in who either don’t have the gear that they want for the season, or a lot of the times fans who are wanting to get that new stuff,” Shirk said.

Shirk tells KSHB 41 News the first day of the Chiefs' regular season is always a good prediction for the rest of the season.

“Last year we did roughly about $6,000 in sales for our first away game, and this year we are already at $10,000, just for this location," she said. "We have so many locations in Kansas City, so I know the city itself is doing amazing for our Chiefs fans. As far as it goes economically, they are not stopping.”

Kansas City Daiquiri Shop similarly felt the benefit of Chiefs football returning.

"I mean the city is live, it’s vibrant, downtown is live and vibrant. People want to come down here and support our local favorite team," said Calvin Vick, owner of KC Daiquiri Shop.

Vick says people line up to celebrate their team with good food and a cold drink at his establishment.

“During Chiefs season, we know that our sales increase because a lot of people want to get the Big Chiefs Daiquiris,” Vick said. “Now that right there, it goes up maybe 30-40 percent.”

Riding the high of Sunday's substantial win over Arizona, fans are confident it's a sign the rest of the season will be just as exhilarating.

“I’m expecting an undefeated season for our Chiefs,” Vick said.


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